Specialized Fitness Clinics

About South Florida Fitness Events

South Florida Fitness provides access to professional quality fitness training via specialized, focused, fitness training group clinics. 

Clinics are led by certified personal trainer, and fitness coach, Dewi Spence.  To learn more about Dewi, see



Each clinic focuses intensively on one of the 3 training areas essential for high levels of fitness:


  1. Core Development and Strength Training
  2. Metabolic Conditioning with High Intensity Integrated Training
  3. Flexibility and Muscular Balance Training



Core Development and Strength Training Clinics

The foundation of fitness training is a strong core along with muscular balance.  Core muscles include those of the Abdominals, Back, Obliques, and Hip.  The strength, balance, and stability of these muscles are the foundation of strength, balance, and stability training for the rest of the body.  The best way to maximize full body strength development and fitness is to start by building a strong core and to continually develop it.  Core strength is crucial for all fitness goals: from fat loss, to athletic competitive gains, to injury rehabilitation.



High Intensity Integrated Training Clinics

High levels of metabolic conditioning facilitate fat loss and muscle development by maximizing the efficiency of fat and carbohydrate metabolism: the means by which the body burns fat and carbohydrates as fuel during movement.  Increasing heart, lung, and muscular strength, endurance, and power capacity are all vital for optimal metabolic conditioning. When high intensity Cardio-respiratory and Muscular Strength Training are integrated in a workout session, tremendous fat loss results and muscular gains skyrocket.



Flexibility and Muscular Balance Training Clinics

Successful fitness training is the achievement of your goal and in a manner that strengthens rather than injures you.  Healthy, optimal range of motion, movement efficiency, good posture, back and joint health, and injury prevention are just some of the benefits of flexibility and muscular balance.  As such, muscular balance is the other foundational component for successful fitness training. 


Training is professional, safely structured, while being challenging, varied, and fun to catapult your fitness gains regardless of your starting level of fitness.


Each clinic develops areas vital for achieving any fitness goal  

Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness

Muscular endurance, strength, and metabolic conditioning

Muscular balance, flexibility, and optimal range of motion


RESULTS you can expect from developing these areas

Abdominal Fat Loss

Overall Body Fat Loss

Muscular Endurance

Muscular Strength

Muscular Growth

Speed Development

Power Development

Increased Motivation

Improved Fat and Carbohydrate Metabolism

Increased Energy

Better Health

Lowered Feelings of Stress

Better Mental Clarity, Focus and Function

Dynamic, effective group training strategies and athletic drills are used to maximize gains, generate enthusiasm, and maintain high levels of motivation at each clinic.

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